Matthew “The Kid” Peacock is a dangerous man. He’s traveled the world, but due to his penchant for crime, has never been able to stay in one place for long. London was his home until he was put on the most wanted list for planking on city benches. Melbourne worked for a bit, but the city’s “No nude beaches” policy wouldn’t do for Matthew. After trying Beijing (insistence on walking up the down escalators angered local officials) and Buenos Aires (where his punch-the-ceiling dance style was deemed “a threat to society”), he has found a home in Williamstown. At least until his next crime spree.

Nicknames: You don’t need a nickname with a name as clean as Matthew Peacock

Voice Part: Tenor 1/Tenor 2

Solos: Heartless

Major: He’s a freshman, lol

Bad Habits: His cooking is too good, his on-top-of-his-life-ness makes us all question ourselves. Thanks Matthew.