That’s great to hear! We’ll be holding auditions this fall for guys of all voice parts. Don’t know what your voice part is? Or better yet, don’t know what voice part is? Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. If you’ve got a song in your heart, we want to hear it. Here’s what you can expect once you arrive to campus this September:

1.  Purple Key Fair & Jamboree (Wednesday, September 7th & Thursday, September 8th)
At the Jamboree (Wednesday, September 7th), you’ll see the ‘Streeters in action as we perform on the big stage at the ’62 Center for the entire freshman class.  It’s an opportunity to see campus groups perform, and see what the school has to offer! The Purple Key Fair (Thursday, September 8th), on the other hand, is our chance to meet and get to know you in a totally casual setting. Feel free to stop by our table (containing a huge, purple, neon sign) if you have any interest at all in auditioning for us. We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you may have!

2.  Entry Sings (Sunday, September 11th)
In your very own entry common room, we will come and audition for you! We’ll make the rounds through all 26 freshman entries, alongside all the other Williams a cappella groups, and perform for each entry individually. This is our opportunity to show you our performance style in an informal common room setting to get you interested. Be sure to be there and enjoy the entertainment with your entrymates!

3.  Auditions (Monday, September 12th through Wednesday September 14th)
Now it’s your turn to sing for us, but don’t worry! Auditions are meant to be fun for you, and for the group. Plus, you’ll sing better if you relax, so don’t stress. Here’s the breakdown of your 15-minute audition slot:

  • Warm-ups – Basic scales to prepare your voice to sing and demonstrate your range.
  • Intervals – We play a few short sequences of notes, you sing them back. Done and done.
  • Solo – Think of a song you really enjoying singing and shows off your talent. This can be anything, from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame;” anything you feel comfortable with. Remember, you’ll sound best on a song you enjoy singing!
  • Extras – Are you an amazing whistler? Beatboxer? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. We’re all ears.

4. Callbacks (Friday, September 16th) 
Callbacks will be posted in Paresky shortly after auditions complete (official dates TBD); we’ll also let you know via email if you’ve been called back for a second audition. This next step is similar to the first audition, but is a little longer so that we get a better sense of your voice and showmanship. If you’ve made it this far, keep doing what you’re doing! It’s working.

5.  Sing-ins (Saturday, September 17th)
In keeping with tradition, once Ephcappella (the a cappella parent organization) adjourns a lengthy selection meeting, where freshman are sorted into their groups, we will “sing in” The Springstreeters Class of 2020 in triumphant fashion, then celebrate all night. Good luck!

Got a question? Email ‘Streeter President, Harold Theurer ’17: On top of that, are you an incoming freshman interested in auditioning for the Springstreeters? If so, head over to and leave your Williams Unix (e.g. wwf1 or het1) and Mailbox Number (e.g. 2030). We’ll have a recent Springstreeter album waiting for you when you arrive on campus. See you in September!